Featured Factory: Champion Industries

Champion Rack Conveyor DishwasherChampion Industries provides superior products for shipboard galleys.  Champion’s USN72 is a fully-automatic shipboard dishwashing machine constructed entirely of heavy-gauge stainless steel. The stainless steel angle frame provides a rigid, heavy-duty support for internal components, tank and hood, enhancing the reliability and extending the service life of the machine. The tank and hood are of water-tight, single-unit construction. The leak-proof internally-mounted front door permits easy access to the tank for cleaning. Perforated stainless steel refuse screens and pump intake strainer are easy to remove and clean.

The Source recommends and installs Champion dishwashers because they work well on ships.  This product is designed to meet US Navy strict specifications including:

  • Hatch Entry
    Modular construction enables easy hatch entry for installation.
  • Easy Door Removal
    Easy to remove one piece doors that need only 3″ clearance.
  • Easy to Clean
    Large door openings and interchangeable upper and lower spray arms with easily removable end caps.
  • Easy to Service
    Most components are front accessible.
  • High Performance
    Ideal water pressure and volume for maximum wash and rinse coverage.
  • High Quality
    Durable, high quality construction designed for long life and reduced maintenance in shipboard conditions.
  • 15° List Standard
    Operates without water splashout or rack slippage at 15° list.