The Source is unique in its services due to its capacity to perform alterations, installations, custom manufacturing and design for habitability spaces such as scullery, dining, galley and laundry. As an OEM expert we are a new technology provider with value added services such as OEM factory warranty for equipment; OEM technical library, training and 11th hour services with mobility. This capability is due to our deep relationships formed and maintained with Industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the past 27 years.

Fryers and Grills on US Navy and US Coast Guard vesselsAlterations and Installations

  • The Source is NAVSEA O4QX Quality Assurance Approved and registered Alteration Installation Team (AIT). We perform IAW ships GSO, NSTS 9090.310D Fleet Modernization Plan and NAVSEA Standards when executing all work on board Navy ships.
  • The Source is a turn key, custom, stainless steel fabricator with design capabilities.


  • The Source is a primary repair provider for the fleet for Food Equipment. We contract to:
    • Ships Force
    • Directly for Port Engineers and maintenance managers.
    • FISC Contracting and GSA
    • Contractor of choice for galley repair and maintenance

OEM Warranty

  • The Source maintains OEM warranty for marine equipment manufacturers.
  • Providing seamless installations and startups.
  • Installation warranty start ups.
    • When The Source performs an installation, in addition to performing IAW shipboard and AIT procedures, we also perform factory installation check offs and start up procedures to ensure that this customer will receive the warranty coverage for the warranty period.
  • Equipment warranty replacement
    • If equipment fails during installation, a full inspection / condition of the equipment is provided to the manufacturer so a warranty replacement of the entire unit may be attained.
  • OEM parts warranty
  • Repair parts may be defective, provides warranty part at no cost to the government
    • During a repair task, a defective part may be identified. The return of the defective part and receipt of the new part is a seamless operation for The Source as it provides the repair task; totally tranparent to the customer.
  • Grilling pancakes for the crew on US Navy ShipsThe Source is OEM authorized and trained to represent:
    • Cospolich
    • Frymaster
    • Commerical and Marine Products Corporation
    • Champion Industries, Inc.
    • Market Forge Industries, Inc.
    • IMI Cornelius, Inc.
    • MGR Equipment Corporation
    • Aster Cratho Systems, Inc.
    • Legion Industries, Inc.
    • Gaylord Industries, Inc.
    • Accutemp
    • And many others

OEM Technical Library

  • The Source maintains an OEM Technical Library.
    • Assistance to the fleet from our technical library
      • PDF and Paper files
      • NEW CDROM being generated now
    • Technical Assistance
      • Phone and email assistance for ship’s at sea
      • On site assistance
        • NOB Norfolk, VA
        • Little Creek Amphibious Base, Norfolk, VA
        • Norfolk Naval Shipyard vessels Portsmouth, VA
        • Mayport NOB Jacksonville, FL
        • Ingleside NOB Ingleside, TX
        • Groton Sub-base Groton, CT
        • San Diego NOB San Diego, CA (working now)
        • Kings Bay Trident Base, GA
        • Sasebo and Yokohama, Japan
        • La Maddelena and Gaeta, Italy

OEM Training for the Fleet

  • The Source provides factory training seminars to their customers
    • Via NavSup’s NFMT offices or hosting area ships. The Source schedules, coordinates a training session for electrical divisions and refrigeration divisions.
    • Factory technical engineers provide training
    • Equipment is provided for hands on training
    • Technical Manuals are provided for attending personnel.
    • Certificates for attendees are provided to ships personnel.

Refrigerating Strawberries in the Navy11th Hour Company

  • The Source equals experience
    • Due to The Source’s extensive background and experience in shipboard repair. The Source is the company to call to assure a ship will be pulling out to sea at 100%.capability.
    • The Source has consistently provided on-site services to provide last minute details for ships prior to deployment. We stock marine products
      • Repair, startups and assessments
      • Cleaning and adjustments
      • Training and technical manuals
      • Installation of new equipment
      • 24/7